Changing the world one community at a time

Making a difference

written by Chad Freeman:

Soon after getting started in the mobile home park industry we realized that we had the ability to lead whole communities and have a profound impact on the lives of people.  We discovered these wonderful and yet mostly unknown investments (at the time) were also a great opportunity to help enhance the quality of communities while earning an excellent profit.

It was agreed from the beginning that our profits would be heavily reinvested in our communities.  By doing so, we increased the overall value of our investment in a variety of ways.  Once we take over, we work on changing the images of the properties immediately.  Our reputation improves as this happens. Even city and township officials have commended us for the improvement of our properties after we took ownership.

Improved living conditions for the residents.  A better reputation in the community and better management attracts better quality residents, who in turn attract more of the same and momentum builds.  The community starts to show pride in home ownership when residents see the improvements made to the neighborhood, such as building remodels, paving roads, fixing utility issues, and enforcing simple rules.

According to the Social Security Administration, more than 76 million wage earners earned less than $30k in 2019  With over 20 million Americans living in mobile homes, we have a huge opportunity improve the lives of low income Americans in need of affordable housing simply by continuing to do what we already do.  Fortunately, we can provide turn-around improvements to low-income communities and offer a safe, family-oriented, quality housing option for many Americans who wish to live a better life despite having a low income.


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