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Who We Are

Chad Freeman

CEO / Managing Member

Since 2005, Chad has been investing in real estate, generating a successful track record in both residential and commercial real estate, focusing over the past 5 years on Mobile Home Parks. Chad is one of the founding members of our company and he has overseen all aspects of it including onboarding, financing, operations, accounting, as well as taking the lead on scaling our business to new heights.

Additionally, Chad has spent over 20 years in the travel industry as an airline pilot. Currently, he lives in NE Florida where he enjoys spending time on the water, watching ships navigate the St John’s River and fishing. 

Mike Owens

Risk management, finance, growth / Managing Member

Mike Owens brings creative insight to the team. His 17 years’ experience working in mortgage finance, due diligence, and compliance audit provide a broad perspective on ways to overcome operational challenges. Mike currently is currently focused on identifying new acquisition opportunities.

Pam Freeman

Chief Financial Officer

Pam has been a licensed Real Estate broker and a force in the industry since 1992. Adapting efficiently to the ever-changing field of real estate through the late 90’s / early 2000’s. She spent most of her time concentrating primarily on residential Real Estate throughout a majority of her career. Within the last 5 years, she has re-focused her attention to Commercial Investment Property  and has built a track record of success with founding partners Chad Freeman and Kevin Kouzmanoff.  Pam now resides along the coast in South East Georgia and serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for MHP Investors.

Kevin Kouzmanoff

COO / Project Manager

Kevin is one of the founding members of MHPinvestors, LLC and his current duties include monitoring and maintaining park premises and systems as well as communications with park management and decision making for the company as we aim to grow.Kevin was exposed to real estate investing at a young age as his parents thrived off of fixing & flipping single family homes. Kevin learned quickly the value of real estate investing and the positivity it can add to ones life. Years ago he recognized the need for quality, affordable housing across the country and started educating himself about mobile home parks. Since 2017 Kevin has altered his focus to the lucrative niche of Mobile Home Park Investing.

Kevin can say that he was the first person to ever hit a grand slam on his first pitch at bat in a major league baseball game. After a lucrative career in baseball he is now a hitting coach in the Oakland Athletics organization. His dedication and drive for success in athletics gives him a competitive edge in the competitive mobile home park industry. He currently resides in Lakewood Colorado with his wife Sarah, his son Kit and their dog Murphy.

Recent Developments

Mobile Home As Investment Property - Pine Crest

Growing success for a small business

We have a proven track record of successfully investing in mobile home parks. It is not just about turning a profit to us, it is about shaping and operating communities, and about people who make them home. Along with providing affordable housing to Americans, we have also generated exceptional returns. We are expanding our business by raising capital to purchase more properties faster.

Sturgis Commons - Invest In Mobile Homes Park

A team of investors - Mobile Park Investing Company

Our investment company runs smoothly because we each have different real estate and life experiences that complement each other.  Together and individually, we have achieved success in real estate and mobile home parks.