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What We Do

MHPInvestors is a real estate fund that purchases undervalued mobile home parks in select markets.

Why mobile home parks?

Right now there is a unique window of opportunity to purchase neglected mobile home parks and bring them back to life.  Our mission is to help improve the lives of Americans who desire low cost home ownership in family-friendly, safe communities. Investing in mobile home parks provides a niche real estate asset that offers the following benefits:
  • an undervalued industry
  • a decreasing quantity  (due to repurposing of land)
  • government-backed barriers to entry
  • high consumer demand
  • very little competition
  • grows more valuable with inflation
  • provides better performance in a depressed economy
  • industry-leading lender favorability due to low default rates
  • customers have a vested interest in the community success

We as a mobile home park investment company also offer higher margins and lower costs than other sectors of real estate.  Due to the fact that residents own their own homes (we rent lots to home owners).

We revitalize neglected properties by purchasing them and bringing them back to life.  Moreover, by doing so, we are changing the world one community at a time.

How We Do It


Our goal is to acquire undervalued mobile home parks based on a specific set of criteria.


We take pride in the work we do and are committed to improving the communities we buy.  We strive to offer affordable, quality home ownership options in safe, family-friendly communities.


The hidden potential in our properties is unlocked while we improve lives and create value for the community.


The company distributes cash flow to investors as well as a portion of equity created.  To keep offering good value to our residents, we budget a portion of our profits back into the community.

Why MHPinvestors?


Our combined experience in evaluating, acquiring, financing, and managing quality assets has given us the ability to instinctively identify opportunities and manage risk.


Mobile Home Investors forms strategic partnerships with like-minded investors to make mutually beneficial real estate investments through the purchase and improvement of mobile home parks in the U.S.


MHPInvestors evaluates hundreds of properties a year and “cherry-picks” only the very best opportunities to add to our growing multifamily portfolio.

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